The longest drive ever

The longest drive ever

So when last I left you we were in Orange Beach, AL and I was facing a grueling 8 hour drive back home with two boys. Two annoying 14 year old boys. LOL. They provided some entertainment to keep me awake at least. I was good for the first two hours and then I started getting sleepy. The boys were napping and listening to music with ear buds in. I woke them up and told them to keep me awake. We played a game that required me to think and drive. You would NOT believe how hard it was for me to think of a word on a particular subject starting with a particular letter and drive at the same time. Almost impossible. It was really sad folks. Like they had to help me with the navigation all the way home. I guess it at least taught them how to read road signs. LOL Anyway, we also stopped every 2 hours for potty breaks and for me to stretch/move/get coffee or soda and just take a break. By hour 7, we knew it was gonna be a 10 hour drive because of stopping so much and stopping to eat at Subway. I took a selfie in Subway. Wanna see?


Yep, that is me laying on the booth seat. I ate in the car. I was dying of pain and had to just lay down while they ate.  The boys were embarrassed and people stared but I did not care at all. I had to. I didn’t have a choice. We got back on the road and about 45 minutes later (2 hours to go) my whole body clenched up in one big muscle cramp. I pulled off the first exit which didn’t even have a gas station. I jumped out and walked around in a field crying. It hurt so bad. I got my son to get my deep heating rub out of the car and told both boys to turn around. I was rubbing that stuff all over me. Sticking my hands down my pants and up my shirt. Everywhere I could reach. After a few minutes the cramp subsided and I could get in the car. I was afraid to take a muscle relaxer. I took Tylenol but wasn’t holding my breath on that one. So now we are going…….really fast… down the interstate and we have to put the windows down because the rub is making our eyes water because it has that menthol-type smell to it. The boys have their hoodies up and pulled tight where you can only see a tiny bit of their faces because it is chilly up here in Tennessee and we are going pretty fast. All I can do is laugh. I thought I was gonna have to pull over for laughing. We finally made it home and I literally had to roll out of the car and get up from my hands and knees. I came in and laid on my bed on my heating pads and didn’t move. We were finally home!!!

P.S. One week later and my car STILL smells like that rub!!


We CAN do this!!

We WILL do this!!

Now GO!!

Gentle Hugs,