Facebook killed me y’all

Facebook killed me y’all

Photobombed by Sophie

So here I was perfectly happy plugging along in my not so perfect world totally oblivious to the fact that I was about to cease to exist. Yep. That’s right. So it started with a couple of texts from friends asking if I had posted a video on my timeline that looked suspicious. I replied no and quickly posted that I had not posted it please do not open it. Then I set about trying to remove it and to figure out how I had been hacked.

Well, stupid me clicked on a link FB had on their support section that said Help! I have been hacked! or something like that. I clicked and it talked me through deleting the video and changing my password. But THEN it logged all of my devices that were logged into my FB account out of FB so everyone using it would have to log back in with the new password. Fine, I know the password.

So, I go to log back in on my phone and uh oh I have two factor authorization turned on. It is going to send me a code on my phone to enter and make sure it is me. Fine. Do it already so I can get back to business. Well, I wait and wait and wait and wait. No code. I resend it. No code. I look at the other ways to log in. They have the correct phone number. I ask the boys for help. I ask my brother for help. Can’t ask FB for help because they have NO customer service!! UGH!!

To make a long story short. After two weeks of begging and pleading with my phone, computer, and iPad….I could not get logged back into my account. The one I had used since my youngest was 3 so 11 years worth of pictures and memories. I am the admin for several groups. The ONLY admin for several groups which are now crippled because no one can approve new members or do anything that requires an admin. I cannot access my blog page. I cannot even post on the page to tell the people who follow me that I have a new page now. It is ridiculous. I am starting over. I am not one of Facebook’s biggest fans right now. I will not be bragging on them anytime soon. My followers can find my new blog FB page by clicking on the social media links or following this link. https://www.facebook.com/fibroscoop1/