About This Blog


I have a vision for this website and it is more than a blog where I go on and on about my furbabies (isn’t she so cute though?) and my kids. Yes, you will get to hear stories about my kids although you can’t tell them, because… well, you know teenage boys. And yes, you will get to hear stories about my furbabies because that is who I hang out with all of the time. I don’t want to bore you with long posts about how horrible I feel, though I will talk about my diagnoses and what living with fibromyalgia is like. I want to help raise awareness for our condition and let all of you know that you are not alone. I promise to try to refrain from being whiney though and to always remain hopeful. You must always keep in mind that I have a weird sense of humor and if I am talking about dying then that is just my way of saying I am reaching the top of the pain scale.

First of all, I do not want to be the only person posting. I hope that some of you will contact me (there’s a page for that) and say that you feel passionately about this subject or that and want to submit a guest entry. Yay! I could use help with research. I want to hear your stories. Positive stories of things you manage to do despite the pain and fatigue and other symptoms we deal with. Did you walk the Appalachian Trail? Did you climb Kilimanjaro? Did you take your kids to the park? Did you put on pants and leave the house two days in a row? Come on guys, we need to celebrate our accomplishments! Big and small. Some will be a blurb in one of my posts and some will get their own post. This is a community project. An experiment, if you will.

Day at Dollywood. Rocking the wheels! I only ran over 3 people. LOL

One thing I want to do on this blog is research topics. We all have a million questions and we all hear so many different treatments, cures, etc. that it is hard to know what is what. For example, does the Daith piercing help fibromyalgia? Now, I am not going out to get a Daith piercing, at least not yet, but I will look up the research on it online and put all that information in one place for you to read yourself. I will also summarize it and leave a place for everyone to comment so that you can talk about your own experiences with it. This will be called the Resource Center and I will post in the blog about the topic before adding it to the Resource Center.

I have also started a forum so that everyone can connect. It will make it easier to access topics that interest you and discuss them. We can message each other and  to see who lives where. I have started a place to do a pen pal program where you sign up to send cards to each other. Anyway guys, big stuff coming (I hope)! Just bear with me while I figure all of this website stuff out.

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