Narcolepsy Nightmare

Narcolepsy Nightmare

So,I take Nuvigil for my narcolepsy. It doesn’t have me functioning at a normal level but it gives me a few hours of close to normal and then most of the day at a safe to function level. My Dr still doesn’t want me driving in the evenings. Ok, so every month when I go to fill it, there is some kind of problem and I sometimes end up having to go without for a few days resulting in me sleeping literally all day long, about 21 out of every 24 hours. So yesterday was my last pill and my Tenncare won’t let me fill anymore prescriptions until April 1st because adults are only allowed 5 prescriptions a month. So I get to go without meds for 4 days then about 3 days at least to build back up in my system. Thank you narcolepsy! Thank you Tenncare! I get to sleep thru 4 days. Woo hoo!

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