The To Do List That Never Gets Done

The To Do List That Never Gets Done

It seems like I have a never ending To Do list. Just when I manage to cross off one or two items I add on three or four more. Most of the time these are calls to Doctor’s offices or errands to be run. Sometimes there are chores I need to accomplish around the house. A project I really want to put the finishing touches on. Something one of the kids needs for school.

IMG_2582 (1)The problem is that I hate my To Do list. It sits there and mocks me. It criticizes me. It tells me how I don’t measure up to what I should be. It tells me I am lazy or unmotivated. It tells me I am slow. It tells me I am not good enough. It’s not very kind, this To Do list. It’s not very forgiving either. It expects me to get it all done in one day. It doesn’t see why it should linger there for days or weeks even. It doesn’t see the need to be added to and rewritten. It doesn’t see why it should be shuffled from here to there and sometimes told how much it is hated.

You see I have chronic illnesses. I have fibromyalgia which has fatigue as a major symptom and I also have narcolepsy which….well, narcolepsy… my body wants to sleep all the time. Add on top of these my chronic depression and you have a mixture that is ripe for To Do list hatred. Most days I have little to no energy or motivation. When I do happen to have the right mixture to get something accomplished it is usually short lived. This is very frustrating and demoralizing. Which, as it happens, is the prime cause of To Do list hatred.

What do you do about To Do list hatred? Well, there is only one cure that I have heard of and it is very difficult to achieve. Very few people can actually achieve it permanently. Most usually suffer setbacks at some point. What’s the secret? you ask. It’s not really a secret. The cure for To Do list hatred is forgiveness and acceptance. Forgive yourself for not getting it done. Accept that you are doing what you can and it will get done when you are able. See? Easier said than done huh? But it is true.

Those of us with chronic illnesses have a limited energy reserve and our body needs it to heal itself. We need to conserve every bit of energy that we can by resting whenever possible while remaining active to the point of not overdoing it. It is  a delicate balancing act that few can achieve perfectly. Especially in the beginning. Stress should be avoided. Especially stress from judgmental To Do lists. 😉



3 thoughts on “The To Do List That Never Gets Done

  1. I definitely recognize that ‘rolling’ to-do list where the things I want to get done on one day end up rolling over to the next. Now I just have what I call a Master Task List with all the things I need to get done at some point and limit my daily to-do list to only 3 items if at all possible. As I have the energy and time, I pull an item from my task list and put it on my daily to-do. I can usually get three things done, and that’s helped me combat that feeling of disappointment in myself when I wasn’t able to check off more items.

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  2. Eugh you are so right about this! I struggle quite a bit, admittedly, with having to do lists and getting stressed and frustrated about not getting them done. Learning to let go a little, be kinder to ourselves and say that it’s okay to do things another day, is hard yet so important to do. We set our expectations high and berate ourselves too much too often. xx

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    1. Yes, I am learning in therapy to rewrite those negative scripts in my head and feel less guilty and more positive. I try to do the list for a month instead of a day usually. The picture was just for the post. That notepad stressed me out. Lol

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