So…. I was working on my bullet journal the other day and I wanted to add a page of feeling words as a coping mechanism. We will come back to that later because I want to tell you all about my bullet journal. Anyway, I was looking on Pinterest of course and found this feelings wheel and while I was copying the words (which ended up only covering about a fourth of my page) I couldn’t help but reflect on the words I was writing. There are SO many emotions that we feel as humans and we have what looks like a lot of words there to describe them. Not all words are even listed either. And yet, we still struggle to express our feelings to each other. We still don’t to listen. We still fail to understand. We as humans on this planet together need to put forth more effort to love out neighbor. If everyone were to pay it forward daily. If everyone were to smile and say a kind word. If everyone were to make a new friend. If everyone were to help someone less fortunate. If everyone were to accept others regardless of their differences. Oh what a place this world could be. Just imagine….

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