It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

So, the last time we spoke, or I wrote, LOL, I believe I told you I was getting ready to go on a vacation to the beach…. well, it was a heck of a vacation….maybe you heard about a little guy called Michael?IMG_1905 img_1918.pngWell….. he passed by us and didn’t do any damage or flooding where we were in Orange Beach, AL that I am aware of. See that blue push pin on the left hand side of the hurricane in the picture? That was us. We had a lot of wind and some pretty rough surf. The beaches were too rough for swimming for a couple of days. Plus that blowing sand will really take the skin off of you. So we spent a few days at the hotel and doing some shopping and stuff around town while waiting on Michael to get on by us. Thankfully, he was a minor inconvenience to us and that is all. We were lucky compared to some.


It was beautiful when we arrived and we were so excited by our awesome PENTHOUSE condo. I found us a great last minute deal on VRBO and then called the leasing agency directly instead of booking through VRBO. Saved us some money. We were on the 14th floor with an awesome view of the ocean and the bay.img_1856img_1857 We sat on the balcony to eat, and do almost anything else when we were in the condo because we just couldn’t take our eyes off that view. This fancy condo was a real treat for a couple of single Moms and their 5 kids who had never really been on a beach vacation.

img_1887So, we got in a little time at the bay before Michael came and then we did mostly indoor activities until he left on Wed afternoon. img_1855Then it was beach time!! It was totally fun and totally relaxing except for the  stupid biting flies. Even the OFF camping bug spray didn’t keep them off of us. They eventually ran us off and we had to settle for the huge pools and the lazy river at the resort. Ho hum! Lol, I don’t mean to brag guys. img_1826Sorry. It was just a very nice vacation as far as relaxing and spending good times with good friends. 

So…..How did I do health-wise? Well, that’s where the worst of times comes in. As far as the fibro goes I did okay until the ride home but we will come back to that. First of all, not complaining, discussing something that we, as chronic pain sufferers have to deal with in real life.  img_7340So, even with the hurricane coming in, I only had a little bit of fibro pain the night and morning of Michael’s arrival. img_1957Very easy to handle. I do not know if this is because the weather pattern is different in Florida and with hurricanes than it is with how the fronts come in her in East TN in the valley or because I had that big old Jacuzzi tub to soak in all the time or what. I did have a lot of arthritis pain due to activity level. The walking on the sand to look for sea shells made my lower back, hips and feet hurt really bad. I could go float in the ocean for a bit and take the pressure off and I would feel better and could go look for shells a bit longer but at the end of the day I was in major pain. Also, every time we went to the pool, the family wanted to go to the one with the lazy river which meant climbing a bunch of stairs because that elevator was out. img_7300img_1932So I had hurt feelings that they didn’t care how that affected me as well as pain from climbing the stairs. I chose to stay in the room a time or two because I just could not participate in activities. Well, more than a time or two. I spent quite a bit of time in the room. A lot more than I would have liked. So my friend had to be back on Saturday and they left Thurs evening. The boys and I stayed until Saturday morning. This meant that I had to make the difficult 8+ hour drive by myself. Originally we were all going back together so she and her daughter could do most of the driving while I laid down but I hated for the boys to only get 2 beach days. We decided to stay and if we had to break the trip back up into two days that was ok. The good news was that I made it in one trip. This post is really long though so I will tell you all about our hilarious trip back tomorrow. Promise. 

image1 (1)

We CAN do this!!

We WILL do this!!

Now GO!!

Gentle Hugs,




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