Catching Up…

Catching Up…

Hey Everybody,

I hope you are all hanging in there and no one got blown away by the hurricane or are going to have to wear flippers to breakfast instead of slippers for a while. Mother Nature can really throw us for a loop sometimes. We were on the outskirts of it here in Tennessee and only got a little bit of wind and a few showers. I got a few muscle cramps and some soreness but all in all not too bad. I think the new higher dose of Topamax is really helping with my pain levels. I AM having a lot of numbness and tingling in my fingers though.

It is the middle of September here and we are still having summer weather. Not that I am complaining. Even though fall is my favorite season, it means the start of pain season for me. We have a saying here in East TN and I have probably told you guys this before. I am going to tell you again anyway. IF you dont like the weather, then just wait 15 minutes. The reason we say this is that we live in a valley and thus we have a lot of fronts that come in and our weather is crazy!! It also means a lot of pain for me. I mean A LOT. Last Feb-April I spent what I think was at least 8 weeks in bed. I know I missed 3 months at the gym. And it wasnt just 8 weeks in bed watching tv. It was 8 weeks in bed crying out in pain and wanting it to just stop. After it was all over with, I decided I would move once my son graduated high school. I would probably go to Florida. Because I love the beach of course. LOL. But now that the painful time of year is fast approaching, I am pretty sure that I cannot take it again. I dont think I can do it. So, I am thinking of moving early. Anyone in Florida already and need a roommate? Cheap? LOL

Well, last week I had my disability hearing. I applied for disability in March of 2016 and was denied twice. That is when I got a lawyer and she requested a hearing in front of a judge. I will say that it was not as bad as I was afraid of. I will also say that I am going to do a separate post that is a rant about how we as a country treat our disabled and low-income residents. Just consider yourselves warned. Anyway, I will spare you all the gory details, but my lawyer thinks I did well answering the Judges questions, but she has no idea which way she will decide. Also, now I must wait 1-2 months for the decision and then another 1-2 for the first check if approved and who knows when I would get the backpay. This whole ordeal has been very hard on me and my whole family. Mentally, emotionally, and financially. I know that a lot of you have had to go through the same thing. But what do we do? We stay strong! We fight! We keep on keeping on! Thats right! Because we are WARRIORS!! We are SPOONIES!

image1 (1)

We CAN do this!!

We WILL do this!!

Now GO!!

Gentle Hugs,



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