Just. Can’t. Even.

Just. Can’t. Even.

Guys, there has been so much going on and the big thing this week is that my disability hearing is on Wednesday. I am so nervous. Not sleeping well. My lawyer said this judge is really nice but I am having nightmares of someone worse than Judge Judy or…… I don’t even know a judge this bad….. yelling and accusing me of not really being sick. Even throwing the gavel at me. Lol Anyway, so now I am depressed, well I have been that for a while now, but anxious and paralyzed. Like I can’t do ANYTHING productive. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever felt that way? We need groceries. I need to take a dress back to Ross… yes, Ross! It is a sad day when I don’t wanna go to Ross! You know…. just.. STUFF!! Oh! And yesterday was my birthday. 🎂 I actually had a great day. Anyway….I am going to go stare at my to-do list some more. Wish me luck!

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