George Ezra

George Ezra

Ok guys, I am gonna act like a squealing teenage girl for a sec, but bear with me. This eventually gets around to grown up stuff. If you have never heard of George Ezra you must go check him out now. I have loved his voice since a friend introduced me to his music about 2-3 years ago. I could not believe such a sexy voice came from such a baby (meaning very young guy). Lol, sorry George. BUT, after reading the press about his new album, Staying at Tamara’s, and listening to the whole thing about a thousand times since it came out Fri, I am even more in love with the guy.

Guys, he had some major anxiety after his last tour and took some time away. He wrote some really great music and came back when he was ready. He has been open about it and has been raising money for mental health. He has written about it in his journal on his website. And the MUSIC and the VOICE! You must listen! If that doesn’t convince you this Buzzfeed might. It is a good summary of his early years. Lol.


Seriously, support a man who has proven to be funny, sweet and a hell of a musician. Just an all around good guy. Let me know what you think. Check him out on IG and Twitter


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